Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dark Star dun

  I have posted about this fly in some of my fishing reports and never put a photo up.  This fly has worked extremely well for me.  I have used it all over the place, from limestone to freestone, it just works. 
  In high glare situations this fly shines as the black wings are easy to see in this situation. I will confess that there are some times when the black wings are next to impossible to see, but the lighter colored hackle(sandy dun) makes the fly visible at those times. 
  The video is currently uploading and will be on youtube late tonight. I will have it on here in the morning.

Hook- Daiichi 1180 or 1110 #12-20
Thread- Tan 8/0
Wings- Black hen hackle tips
Tail- Sandy dun hackle fibers
Abdomen- Stripped peacock quill
Rib- Small Opal tinsel
Thorax- Dyed black peacock hurl
Hackle- Sandy dun.

Remember......Its wild brown trout approved!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Nice and crisp, a pleasure to look at. Also a pleasure to eat per the second photo.
    Well done J.U.