Thursday, July 9, 2015

Best u.v. Resin on the block.

Deer creeks uv resins are bar none my favorite.  Been using it for a while now and I'm sold big time.  No tack no haze and diamond hard.  
  Nymphed with it on my golden oldie and high test hairs ears along with the diamond scuds and many other nymphs.  The resin didn't crack, scratch or even fog and held on to the patterns after many outings.  
   I highly recommend you pick some up. You can get it with free shipping from Be sure tell them Johnny sent ya!  

Tight ties! 


  1. JEUFliesandtyingsupplies Is this your link for flies? Infamous San Juan worms

  2. I have recently gotten my hands on some deer creek resin from the shop you advise in your youTube videos. Castorsonline.
    I agree, I have never loved a UV cure resin like this one. CCG says they are non-tacky but that has never been my experience.
    I haven't tried the flex from deer creek because my past experience with flex resin is that it yellows. Deer creek seems to be the real deal so I am going to try it. Thanks for the great advice. All the best to you. Sean

  3. I am tying your J.E.U. trico Emerger and have a question. How do you do the whip finish with only one hand. Your other one is holding the snowshoe für. Thanks

  4. Here's a video I did about the whip finish

  5. I saw that. Nice job, but I am able to do the whip finish. I am trying to figure out how you held the snowshoe hare with one hand and completed the finish with the other. Did you just drop the bobbin? How did you keep tension on the thread?