Thursday, July 9, 2015

Best u.v. Resin on the block.

Deer creeks uv resins are bar none my favorite.  Been using it for a while now and I'm sold big time.  No tack no haze and diamond hard.  
  Nymphed with it on my golden oldie and high test hairs ears along with the diamond scuds and many other nymphs.  The resin didn't crack, scratch or even fog and held on to the patterns after many outings.  
   I highly recommend you pick some up. You can get it with free shipping from Be sure tell them Johnny sent ya!  

Tight ties! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A nice day to be out.

Well got for a spell this afternoon. Hit a favorite stretch of limestone. The flow was excellent and the water clear.  The stoneflies were out and the occasional olive. Didn't take long before I saw a rise. 
 I tied on the hackle hammer and first cast got a nice wild brown. I then tied on a black wonder wing stone. 
 The wonder wing was the ticket. As I walked the stream slowly I watch for rises and picked them of with the wonder wing. The rises and stones stopped as early evening rolled in.  So with more than 2 I headed on out.  Beautiful day to be outside. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A splinter mouse

Tied it small for smaller trout.  I also tapered the foam to give it a mouse profile for day time fishing on some local streams. I cut the rabbit fur on angle as well to give it more of taper. 

Hook- #4 stinger 
Thread- 6/0 uni black
Tail- zonker strip. 
Body- wound zonker strip
Top- evazote foam black.