Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Out before the storm

  Well I got out to fly in the late afternoon. Hit my local limestoner. The weather was mild with a slit chill to the air, with the impending cold front approaching.  Thanks to recent rain, the flow was very nice. Which was good since no bugs were active. So I tied on a pair of small nymphs, a high test hares ear and a rubber diamond ducky, both in a size #16.
  Didnt take long to find some wild browns in a nice run. The pair of nymphs caught equally but it seemed the ducky got some more aggressive takes.  The high test hairs ear was tied on a scud hook with a small black tungsten bead. The ducky was beadless with black legs.
 As the sun dipped behind the ridgeline, the breeze got even colder and it just felt like snow was on the way. So with no coat on, I headed on home.


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