Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer morning on a local stream

Well got out the other morning before the real heat kicked in. Went and hit a local limestone stream that was not effected by the heavy thunderstorms from the night before.  Got on the water around 9, a little later than I intended but it was okay.  It was already well into the mid 80s, so i decided to wet wade.  The water was a nice 61 degrees and felt wonderful.
Picked a stretch that has been good to me threw the years.

 I saw several trout rising all around in the flat. Couldnt see anything flying, hatching, or even in the film.  With past experiences like that, I knew to try something black.  Black is only easy to see in bright glare, next to impossible to see in the shade. Well for me at least.  Also with the water being flat glass, I opted for a soft hackle.

A simple thorax hackle softy.
 The delicateness of a soft hackle is vital at times on glass water. These flies were designed and fished on similar waters across the Atlantic.  Many dont realize you can fish soft hackle flies in the film.  I will soak a few in hydro stop so they are waterproofed. This way the the hackle will not absorb water. It will keep the fly floating and catching.  The hydro stop also will not alter the flies material properties, so it will still sit right down in the film. 

  I fish them just like any dry fly, up, up and across, quartering, and directly down. I took several fish with a simple up stream approach with my 2 wt and about a 15ft leader system.  The little black soft
hackle wasnt refused once. I had several better trout taking the fly first and even witnessed 2 trout competing for it. Which was pretty cool to see.  And "with more than 4" I headed on home.

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