Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer morning on a local stream

Well got out the other morning before the real heat kicked in. Went and hit a local limestone stream that was not effected by the heavy thunderstorms from the night before.  Got on the water around 9, a little later than I intended but it was okay.  It was already well into the mid 80s, so i decided to wet wade.  The water was a nice 61 degrees and felt wonderful.
Picked a stretch that has been good to me threw the years.

 I saw several trout rising all around in the flat. Couldnt see anything flying, hatching, or even in the film.  With past experiences like that, I knew to try something black.  Black is only easy to see in bright glare, next to impossible to see in the shade. Well for me at least.  Also with the water being flat glass, I opted for a soft hackle.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Small rusty hackle wing spinner video

Hook- Daiichi 1110 #20
Thread- Uni 8/0
Tail- Light dun rooster hackle
Abdomen- Tying thread
Thorax- Rust or rusty brown dry fly dub
Wing- light dun hackle. 

*** I forgot to mention in the video that I only use neck hackle on these. I find the saddle hackle barbs too large width wise.  Neck hackle is just a lot more supple and that's a great thing for a spinner.