Monday, June 30, 2014

Catskill outing

 Well I was up in the Catskills this past weekend.  It was an outing with my T.U. Chapter.  8 of us in total with a few more friends and chapter members meeting up with us to fish.  We stayed at the dream catcher lodge. Which is very modest with pricing and the cabins are very nice.
  Half way up I realized I had forgotten my camera! With my phones cam being scratched to hell I was s.o.l. As far as pics went.  
 The first lights out on Friday was great. Many sulphurs and caddis around. As for the next two nights out well they sucked to say the least.  Tons of tiny sulphurs coming of but not a flash, boil, or any rise forms. 
 We hit the beaver kill for some late morning early afternoon nymphing.  My iso nymph did very well, landing me 2 very beautiful bows that had my Lamson guru screaming.  
 The iso nymph is modified version of the pattern I've tied in the past but similar. I will do a tutorial for the pattern very soon.
 All in all the outing was a blast.  Lots of laughs and great food. With everyone catching trout.  
 As for the nomad,  bitch, and the savage. I have been very pleased with the tech pack set up(bitch creek back pack and the savage creek chest pack) and the fishpond nomad net.
  Great to be back to posting

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