Monday, June 30, 2014

A great little fly

The hackle wing rusty spinner is a staple in my box.  Tied large to small. Pictured is a size 20. The small sizes with a simple thread body have served me well on many streams.  From the tough limestones to tail waters and everywhere in between. 
 The hackle wing spinner is an old spinner pattern that is hands down one of the most effective and durable ways to tie a spinner.  Quick, easy and few materials make this fly a no brainer.  
I'll be instructing how to tie this pattern at our up coming ridge and valley tying night on July 1st at the Musconetcong water shed association blg in asbury nj.   @ 730pm.  Come on out and learn to tie this deadly fly.   Also Utah's fly corners next video in the works is for the #20 rusty hackle wing spinner.  So stay tuned. 


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  1. Thanks to everyone who came out last night. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘