Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter storm fishing

   I love to fly fish in the snow. I have no idea why though as i am not a fan of snow or cold weather. So I got out this afternoon in Cato. Which is a snow storm that hit the northeast today.  The snow was very heavy at times and with lots of huge snow clumps falling from trees while i fished. Bombarding the stream.
    I fished the afternoon away, with little results till i switched out my nymphs for an infamous pink worm. Then it was on like donkey kong. I hooked and landed a really nice rainbow, that was a blast on my 2wt. As well as several wild browns. 
  It took awhile but eventually my hands got numb to the point of pain and  I was getting tired of getting beaten by the falling chunks of snow from the trees. It was as if i was getting hit by snow balls.  So with frozen limbs and more than four, I headed on home.

Infamous's first victim

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Out before the storm

  Well I got out to fly in the late afternoon. Hit my local limestoner. The weather was mild with a slit chill to the air, with the impending cold front approaching.  Thanks to recent rain, the flow was very nice. Which was good since no bugs were active. So I tied on a pair of small nymphs, a high test hares ear and a rubber diamond ducky, both in a size #16.
  Didnt take long to find some wild browns in a nice run. The pair of nymphs caught equally but it seemed the ducky got some more aggressive takes.  The high test hairs ear was tied on a scud hook with a small black tungsten bead. The ducky was beadless with black legs.
 As the sun dipped behind the ridgeline, the breeze got even colder and it just felt like snow was on the way. So with no coat on, I headed on home.


Monday, November 24, 2014

New U.V. resin review and general news

U.v resin review coming soon!!! Ive been putting the new competitor to the test. The result are almost compiled. 

  Just got done with international fly tying symposium. Had a great time and it was nice meeting, fellow tiers who watch my videos and follow along with the site here.  Looking forward to possibly be at the January show and even landcaster (unconfirmed as of now).

Got some plans for some new videos and write ups. 

Tight Ties and Lines

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer morning on a local stream

Well got out the other morning before the real heat kicked in. Went and hit a local limestone stream that was not effected by the heavy thunderstorms from the night before.  Got on the water around 9, a little later than I intended but it was okay.  It was already well into the mid 80s, so i decided to wet wade.  The water was a nice 61 degrees and felt wonderful.
Picked a stretch that has been good to me threw the years.

 I saw several trout rising all around in the flat. Couldnt see anything flying, hatching, or even in the film.  With past experiences like that, I knew to try something black.  Black is only easy to see in bright glare, next to impossible to see in the shade. Well for me at least.  Also with the water being flat glass, I opted for a soft hackle.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Small rusty hackle wing spinner video

Hook- Daiichi 1110 #20
Thread- Uni 8/0
Tail- Light dun rooster hackle
Abdomen- Tying thread
Thorax- Rust or rusty brown dry fly dub
Wing- light dun hackle. 

*** I forgot to mention in the video that I only use neck hackle on these. I find the saddle hackle barbs too large width wise.  Neck hackle is just a lot more supple and that's a great thing for a spinner. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

A great little fly

The hackle wing rusty spinner is a staple in my box.  Tied large to small. Pictured is a size 20. The small sizes with a simple thread body have served me well on many streams.  From the tough limestones to tail waters and everywhere in between. 
 The hackle wing spinner is an old spinner pattern that is hands down one of the most effective and durable ways to tie a spinner.  Quick, easy and few materials make this fly a no brainer.  
I'll be instructing how to tie this pattern at our up coming ridge and valley tying night on July 1st at the Musconetcong water shed association blg in asbury nj.   @ 730pm.  Come on out and learn to tie this deadly fly.   Also Utah's fly corners next video in the works is for the #20 rusty hackle wing spinner.  So stay tuned. 


Utah's fly corner studios.

Utah's fly corner studios has returned to film making.  Stay tuned for fly tying videos and tutorials!! And more!!!!! 

Catskill outing

 Well I was up in the Catskills this past weekend.  It was an outing with my T.U. Chapter.  8 of us in total with a few more friends and chapter members meeting up with us to fish.  We stayed at the dream catcher lodge. Which is very modest with pricing and the cabins are very nice.
  Half way up I realized I had forgotten my camera! With my phones cam being scratched to hell I was s.o.l. As far as pics went.  
 The first lights out on Friday was great. Many sulphurs and caddis around. As for the next two nights out well they sucked to say the least.  Tons of tiny sulphurs coming of but not a flash, boil, or any rise forms. 
 We hit the beaver kill for some late morning early afternoon nymphing.  My iso nymph did very well, landing me 2 very beautiful bows that had my Lamson guru screaming.  
 The iso nymph is modified version of the pattern I've tied in the past but similar. I will do a tutorial for the pattern very soon.
 All in all the outing was a blast.  Lots of laughs and great food. With everyone catching trout.  
 As for the nomad,  bitch, and the savage. I have been very pleased with the tech pack set up(bitch creek back pack and the savage creek chest pack) and the fishpond nomad net.
  Great to be back to posting

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coming soon..........

The adventures of Johnny Utah, the nomad, the bitch and the savage..........  Stay tuned