Friday, May 24, 2013

Rainy day flying

  Got out to fly today with my friend. We hit a local stream where the water was up a little but still low and slightly off color.  We found some trout rising in a tail out of a pool to bwo spinners, but the trout didnt mind taking a skittering caddis I had on my line already.
  The rising stopped, so we went to nymph rigs. The fishing was HOT. Lots of trout hitting the nymphs hard and fighting even harder. The fish were all over a size 16 High test hares ear. I twist up the little h.t.h.e. with a little tungsten bead to get the small fly down in deeper or heavier water areas.
  By early afternoon, the mayflies began to hatch.  Quill gordons and Hendrickson mixed with olives started pouring off  and the trout eagerly fed upon them.  Didnt see any march browns or caddis other than the chimaras hiding under the leaves.  Josh did well with a parachute hendrickson he tied and I did well with a hackle stacker adams emerger.

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  1. Jonny, Glad to see you back online. I missed your posts. Good to hear you have been fishing a lot too.