Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowshoe cripple

Here is slight variation of the Quigley cripple mayfly. This is the way I like to tie them. I use snowshoe hair, usually dun or some shade of grey, but sometimes I use white as well. The post doesn't matter much other than for visibility. The original calls for deer hair but I don't care much for having to use deer hair, and the snowshoe dries easily. Where as the deer hair becomes water logged and then the pattern is screwed.
  I like the dubbing loop with wire method for these flies. It adds just enough weight to get the ass of the fly down in the film but not enough weight to pull the whole fly under. It has been my experience that the pattern works best when it floats in this manner. Be sure to have some cripples in your boxes for the up coming hatches, its a true killer.

Not the greatest pictures but ya get the idea. :).
Hook- Daiichi 1170 #16
Thread- Veevus gray olive 16/0
Tail- Hen pheasant tail, and brown marabou
Body- Hen pheasant tail and brown marabou spun in a silver wire dubbing loop.
Wire- x-small utc silver wire
Thorax- olive dun superfine dubbin
Hackle- Dun dry fly hackle
Post- Dun snowshoe

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