Sunday, March 3, 2013

Out for the day

Well got out today, but I'm still unable to wear my boots. I took a spill down the stairs and broke my toe the other week. So I met up with some guys from my t.u. Chapter on a limestoner in pa for the day.

It was cold and the wind didnt help any. The fish didnt get active until the afternoon when the olives started popping. There were ones that were predominately gray, but others that where a dark olive. They were size 16 and the trout were all about the emergers.

Everyone was lucky enough to pic up a trout and we retreated to the Bethlehem brew works for beers and lunch.


  1. We fished yesterday also. Very cold and only one strike.

    1. Winter can be really odd some times, but its fishing. Always good just to get out.