Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last winter outing 2013

Well got out yesterday in the mid afternoon for some flying. When I arrived on the stream there baetis by the hundreds, blanketing the water surface. So I started with a hackle stacker olive and a #18 high test hares ear as a dropper. I had a feeling the trout were gorging on the nymphs. I didn't see many rises at first but I did see flashes.
I managed to a few to take the high test hares ear and when the fish began to rise I stuck with the dropper. The trout continued to the dropper. I had one trout come for the dry fly only to shoot back down and grab the dropper. It was pretty cool to see.
I fished up through a small section and then another small section else where. The fish were active to say least and when I noticed a splashy rise I thought grannoms? Yup. I looked down and one was crawling on my waders. I swapped rigs and went with a zug bug and ultra egg. The ultra egg did very well
The temp started to drop and the wind started to pick up, so with "more than 4" I headed on home, with thoughts of the up coming spring.

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