Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Early season baetis

Here are the baetis aka blue wing olives, from yesterday when I was on the water. I am sure they were out by the hundreds on this rainy day.  I will try and get some photos of the spinners this week if I am lucky enough to be there when they come back.  The flies were a good size 16 and easy to spot on the water. Always enjoy watching a mayfly track down and into the mouth of a rising trout.   Be sure to note that the males are not olive. They are more grey and tan with a almost black thorax. The females are a deep olive.

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  1. Hi Johnny!

    Nice pictures of the Large Dark Olive aka Baetis Rhodani! The two last segments of the LDO male are lighter olive and you've caught it very good in the two pictures before the last closeup! Very nice, wish I had been there and seen it. Just looking at a massive hatch is a pleasure. Now the more reddish brown spinners are due. Thanks for sharing!