Friday, March 29, 2013

Dry flies on a thursady afternoon

Well got out yesterday for a little in the afternoon with my friend Roy. We hit the beatis hatch and both got into some wild beauties.  The hatch was sporadic and only 1 concentrated hatch occurred and lasted the typical beatis 15 mins.  The trout went bonkers and then it was over as quickly as in began.  Saw a few tan caddis and no hendricksons.  I nymphed for a short bit and did rather well with a #18 beadhead high test hares ear, tied with pink thread. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dry fly wild tiger Tuesday

 Well I got out yesterday in the afternoon to hit the olive hatch. The beatis were coming off very well and the fish were rising as well. I started off with a snowshoe no-hackle I tied using the olive Stella dub. The trout took the offering without refusal.  My first trout was a pleasant surprise, as it's not to common to catch a wild tiger trout. Pretty cool little fella with all the energy of tiger.

 I noticed some hendricksons coming off and watched as on was taking by an eager trout. So I swapped out for a size 12 adams. I had forgot my hendricksons at home! Luckily the forever faithful adams did the trick. It is always enjoyable to able to fish large dry flies. Not that dont enjoy small fly, fly fishing. Just something about being able to cast that country mile and be able to see your offering.
 I didnt have much time till the trout stopped rising due to the bugs no longer hatching. The wind began to pick up, the cold began to return, and with "more than four" I headed on home.

Stella dubbed snowshoe no-hackle against the copper eyes of a wild brown.

I feel like im upside down when i look at this picture.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday dry fly action

Well got out yesterday in the afternoon on one of my favorite streams. I met up with Aaron Jasper and we had blast fishing the olive hatch. The hatch was great. Typical sporatic bwo, but they kept hatching through out the afternoon. Which kept the trout rising right into the early evening.  Spring is here and we say our first hendrickson of the year. So if your gonna head soon, dont get caught without some hendricksons!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Took my line fishing a Thursday

Well got today for the first time this spring. Happy spring everyone. Met up with an old friend and we hit a great stream. The weather was cold and so was the water. The bright sunshine didnt make it any easier, but we did manage a few. The ones we managed were nothing to complain about by any means. The golden oldie dominated the days fishing.
Lots of olives hatching but the fish just didnt care.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last winter outing 2013

Well got out yesterday in the mid afternoon for some flying. When I arrived on the stream there baetis by the hundreds, blanketing the water surface. So I started with a hackle stacker olive and a #18 high test hares ear as a dropper. I had a feeling the trout were gorging on the nymphs. I didn't see many rises at first but I did see flashes.
I managed to a few to take the high test hares ear and when the fish began to rise I stuck with the dropper. The trout continued to the dropper. I had one trout come for the dry fly only to shoot back down and grab the dropper. It was pretty cool to see.
I fished up through a small section and then another small section else where. The fish were active to say least and when I noticed a splashy rise I thought grannoms? Yup. I looked down and one was crawling on my waders. I swapped rigs and went with a zug bug and ultra egg. The ultra egg did very well
The temp started to drop and the wind started to pick up, so with "more than 4" I headed on home, with thoughts of the up coming spring.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snowshoe cripple video

Hook- Daiichi 1180 #16
Thread- Uni 8/0 olive
Abdomen- Pheasant tail and brown marabou in a dubbing loop
Wire- xsmall utc silver
Thorax- olive super fine
Wing- Snowshoe rabbit
Hackle- Dun saddle hackle

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Early season baetis

Here are the baetis aka blue wing olives, from yesterday when I was on the water. I am sure they were out by the hundreds on this rainy day.  I will try and get some photos of the spinners this week if I am lucky enough to be there when they come back.  The flies were a good size 16 and easy to spot on the water. Always enjoy watching a mayfly track down and into the mouth of a rising trout.   Be sure to note that the males are not olive. They are more grey and tan with a almost black thorax. The females are a deep olive.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Took my line fishing for a monday

Well got out today for the late morning and afternoon. The weather was great and the trout were very eager to eat my offerings. I started out with a dry dropper rig. The dry was a hackle stacker adams and the dropper was a #18 high test hares ear. The trout didnt touch the adams, but they were hammering the h.t.h.e. Around noon the olives started to hatch and the trout began to rise. So I went with an olive hackle stacker, one with a peacock thorax and a quill body. The fly worked great and thanks to the bug bond I put on the quill, the fly lasted all afternoon. I didnt have lunch, the fishing was just to good to stop, so with "more than four" I made my way back to my car.