Monday, February 4, 2013

Sparkle Midge pupa, tutorial

 This is a very simple yet extremely effective pattern. It is a great fly for midge pupa and the trout agree. I never go to any limestone stream without this pattern in my midge box.  I first heard of this pattern through the writings of Gary Borger quite some time ago. The fly goes hand in hand with the g-gnat. Give me a box with g-gnats and sparkle midge pupas and ill catch trout on any spring creek or tail water. 
  Tie these guys up in small sizes ie 20-26, and use different colored threads for different effects as the body is translucent.  Be sure to tie them in red, yellow, black, olive, and brown.
   Fish them with a greased leader(floatant on the leader) or dry dropper, whenever you see trout making those midge rings, and be sure to be ready, cause you will be surprised sometimes at the size of trout you can catch while midging. 

Hook- Daiichi 1110 20-26
Thread- Black 8/0
Rib- x-small silver wire
Body- Clear(white) or cream antron

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  1. Hi Johnny!

    Seems that you have a killer pattern there! Nice step by step tutorial that's easy to follow. Might just try it out.

    Kind regards,
    Mats Olsson