Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Willow Nymph Tutorial

 If you have been following my postings here, then you know the willow nymph is a pattern that I keep fine tuning and I believe I have it mastered finally.  The final version which is still subject to change lol, has served me quite well on the freestoners in the area. I am sure it will produce great all over the place. It is a great pattern for fishing this time of year, with all the stones around in great in numbers. The willow is a close match to the early black stone nymph and tied in different colors can match many different stoneflies. So twist a few up and give them a go.
Hook- Daiichi 1560 #14-16
Thread- Uni 8/0 dark brown
Tails- Moose main, optional
Rib- Small brown wire
Stripe- Uni 6/0 white
Abdomen- Dubbing, Blend is 2 parts(pinches) brown rabbit, and 1 part each- black rabbit, sts black and fiery brown.
Wing case- Dura skin, brown
Legs- extra fine round rubber, 2 pieces of Senyos shaggy dub is perfect
Thorax- Dubbing blend
 Head- Dubbing blend

Lets twist one up


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