Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Afternoon nymphing session

Well I got out yesterday for some nymphing on my favorite freestoner. I picked a smaller section of stream to nymph with my 2wt. I rigged a 2 fly rig, with the improve zug bug and the rubber diamond ducky trailing.
It wasn't long before I had a little brown take the rdd. I nymphed my way up to a point I had set to quit at prior to starting. I was short on time, so I was running and gunning so to say.
The fishing was good, lots of midges around in pupa form, and fair amount of little black stones. The last brown i got was all mustard, peeled line and refused to come in, great fun on the 2wt
So with the sun fading fast and with "more than 4" I walked back to my car. Every of the trout I caught took the rdd. Could the rdd be the hot fly of the future? It has yet to let me down.


  1. Would be interested to see and learn more about the pattern you had success with in this post. Happy to be a new follower and added your blog to my blogroll.

    1. Welcome to the corner. The rdd Tutorial and video can be found along the right side of the page. Also check out the archive for even more patterns.
      Tight ties

    2. Good to see you back, JU. Hope to see you at Somerset.

    3. Thank you Tom, sorry i missed you at somerset, I was only there on friday.