Monday, October 28, 2013

Little black diving caddis tutorial

 Here is a tutorial for the diving the caddis wet fly. I always tie a few small black ones. They work really well on streams with good little black caddis populations.  The fly is effective almost all day long and is best fished down and across with mends to allow the fly to drift naturally or dead, then allow to swim when the mend straightens. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ready 2 Pop tying video

Hook- Daiichi 1180 12-18
Thread- Black Uni 8/0
Tail- Teal flank dyed claret
Abdomen- Teal flank dyed claret
Rib- Kreinik Metallics  Blending Filament 032
Thorax- Marabou butt material form the base of a claret teal flank feather, blended with STS claret 
Wing case- Evazote foam black

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Diving caddis video

Hook- Daiichi Alec Jackson North country spider hook
Thread- Uni 8/0 Tan
Body- Polar dub Tan\
Wing- Mallard flank dyed wood duck
Wing topping- Antron yarn white/clear
Hackle- Hebert miner hen neck hackle  Barred dark ginger

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Attack of the Buzzers!!!!

 Well got out this after noon for some flying on my local limestoner. Not much surface activity upon my arrival. Nor did it pick up any while I fished.  I tied on a dry dropper rig consisting of a paraloop hammer and a rusty blues buzzer for the dropper. Been some time since I fished with buzzers and had forgot just how well they worked.  Wit hin a few drifts, I was into a really nice wild brown.  He wouldnt let me photo him of coarse and he got me in the finger with the dry when he went streaking back into the run.
  I fished up a good section of stream and the fish was good.  Only managed 1 brown on the dry, and all the rest came on the buzzer.  I trashed my last camera while out fishing so I'm a little hesitant to take pictures anymore. But i did get some shots. 
  Saw bwos hatching both size 16 and 24s, as well as some tiny pale duns. For whatever reason I didnt notice any rises for them though.  All in all, it was good time out.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Out for a spell

 Well, I got out today with senior fredy and hit the mighty musky. The water is an oddity to all the streams around as it is flowing high.  
 The winning ticket today was wet flies    The stockie bows were all over them and hitting them hard.  The wets I was using I don't have a name for as of yet but I'll be sure to share the patterns in the future.  

Fredy got the only wild of the day and on the infamous pink worm.  Didnt take any picture of the stocked bows. 
  As for bugs, alls I saw the whole time were tan caddis and lots of them.  Be sure to be armed with caddis if you head out in the near future! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time goes!

 Wow, cant believe i havnt posted in 4 months! Didnt realize it had been so long! My apoligies to all my subscribers.  I will continue to post, and coming up will be more tutorials and videos! loop wing duns and paraloop hammers to name a few. 
  I have been out lately here and there. The tricos are still hatching on the local limestoners here in New Jersey and Pa. Plan to be on the stream around noon till three.  Dont forget about caddis as they are still present on all the streams.  The bwo hatches have been pretty decent lately.  And trout are still willing to eat terrestrials. 
   Stay tuned! Thank you

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Out for dusk

  Well got out to hit the sulphurs at dusk but got word that they came earlier in the day.  Got down to a nice pool and hung out till the trout decided to pop. Or rather bugs got going. .  
  I got a dink first but then I got 2 nice hens. Both trout fought like hell on my 2 wt.  I sure do love nice size wild browns on that rod. 
  There wasn't much of a hatch or spinner fall at lights out and no trout were rising. So with a smile on my face from the 2 hens, I hiked back to the car. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rainy day flying

  Got out to fly today with my friend. We hit a local stream where the water was up a little but still low and slightly off color.  We found some trout rising in a tail out of a pool to bwo spinners, but the trout didnt mind taking a skittering caddis I had on my line already.
  The rising stopped, so we went to nymph rigs. The fishing was HOT. Lots of trout hitting the nymphs hard and fighting even harder. The fish were all over a size 16 High test hares ear. I twist up the little h.t.h.e. with a little tungsten bead to get the small fly down in deeper or heavier water areas.
  By early afternoon, the mayflies began to hatch.  Quill gordons and Hendrickson mixed with olives started pouring off  and the trout eagerly fed upon them.  Didnt see any march browns or caddis other than the chimaras hiding under the leaves.  Josh did well with a parachute hendrickson he tied and I did well with a hackle stacker adams emerger.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The H.O.H. dun and the sulphur hatch.

   Ok, so I belong to a group on a fly fishing website called the fly of the month group. This months fly was any H.O.H. fly. H.O.H. meaning hackle on hook.

 My friend Tom tied up some duns in a variant style, with the trimmed hackle for bodies.  I thought they looked pretty cool. So I decided to twist up a thorax dun.  I figured why not do a favorite dry fly pattern of mine and seeing how the hackle was getting trimmed for the body the v cut hackle just made sense to me.

 The fly consists of only hackle and thread. So there is nothing on it that can absorb water, thus making it a perfect dry fly. The idea that Tom had behind the hackle cut body was for it to give the translucent effects that the naturals have to them.  Sounds reasonable to me, so I twisted one up in sulphur and headed on out to a local freestoner for the sulphur hatch. 

  So with my trusty 2 wt and H.O.H. I made my way to the stream at the last bit of twilight.  I went a favorite pool of mine. It consist of heavy riffle leading into and long tail out.  I can always find some trout sipping and gulping insects near or in the tail out. 
  On the way to the water I was being buzzed by sulphur duns and spinners flying about.  I just hoped the rain would hold out long enough for me to get a trout or two.

The clouds cleared a bit and the moon came out and bathed the pool in moon light. I could see fishy noses poking up from the water every so often. I made my first cast and landed a bit short of the feeding lane. The next was on point and the trout took the H.O.H.. A good fight later I had the hen landed.
   I hooked several fish and one was very large as i couldnt really move the fish with my 2 wt. haha. The fly popped on that fish and I remembered why I didnt use mustad hooks anymore...... I ran out of daiichi 1100 in 14! and had some mustad laying around.

I'm not a great photographer by any means! but I'm no photographer at all in the dark! But you can still make out the fly. The proofs in the pudding as they say.  I will do a tutorial of this technique very soon.  And my daiichi hooks should be on there way! Thank you J.W trout

Spring in full swing

Been a while since I have been online.  Been busy working and of coarse, fishing!  Hit some really great hatches so far this spring on the upper Delaware and the local limestoners.  So far it's been Bwos, Hendrickson, march browns, sister sedges, tan caddis, and sulphurs. 
 Sulphurs are a prolific mayfly species and occur almost every where. Be sure to get out for an evening!   
 Here's a few pics from recent sessions 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dry flies on a thursady afternoon

Well got out yesterday for a little in the afternoon with my friend Roy. We hit the beatis hatch and both got into some wild beauties.  The hatch was sporadic and only 1 concentrated hatch occurred and lasted the typical beatis 15 mins.  The trout went bonkers and then it was over as quickly as in began.  Saw a few tan caddis and no hendricksons.  I nymphed for a short bit and did rather well with a #18 beadhead high test hares ear, tied with pink thread. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dry fly wild tiger Tuesday

 Well I got out yesterday in the afternoon to hit the olive hatch. The beatis were coming off very well and the fish were rising as well. I started off with a snowshoe no-hackle I tied using the olive Stella dub. The trout took the offering without refusal.  My first trout was a pleasant surprise, as it's not to common to catch a wild tiger trout. Pretty cool little fella with all the energy of tiger.

 I noticed some hendricksons coming off and watched as on was taking by an eager trout. So I swapped out for a size 12 adams. I had forgot my hendricksons at home! Luckily the forever faithful adams did the trick. It is always enjoyable to able to fish large dry flies. Not that dont enjoy small fly, fly fishing. Just something about being able to cast that country mile and be able to see your offering.
 I didnt have much time till the trout stopped rising due to the bugs no longer hatching. The wind began to pick up, the cold began to return, and with "more than four" I headed on home.

Stella dubbed snowshoe no-hackle against the copper eyes of a wild brown.

I feel like im upside down when i look at this picture.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday dry fly action

Well got out yesterday in the afternoon on one of my favorite streams. I met up with Aaron Jasper and we had blast fishing the olive hatch. The hatch was great. Typical sporatic bwo, but they kept hatching through out the afternoon. Which kept the trout rising right into the early evening.  Spring is here and we say our first hendrickson of the year. So if your gonna head soon, dont get caught without some hendricksons!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Took my line fishing a Thursday

Well got today for the first time this spring. Happy spring everyone. Met up with an old friend and we hit a great stream. The weather was cold and so was the water. The bright sunshine didnt make it any easier, but we did manage a few. The ones we managed were nothing to complain about by any means. The golden oldie dominated the days fishing.
Lots of olives hatching but the fish just didnt care.