Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Dubbing loop egg video

  Here is Charlie Cravens dubbing loop egg. The first part of the video I show how i make ultra dubbing loop eggs. The second fly is Charlies fly. Im sure somebody makes all sorts of colors mixed on these eggs.
  The dubbing loop egg is the easiest way I know to make a small trout egg fly. It easy to go as small at a 20. Glo-bug yarn is the best for this egg, and the egg color from them is deadly. As well as steelhead orange.  To vary on the original tie, just simply change the color of your thread and or the yarn. The color combinations are endless.
Hook- Daiichi 1150 14-16
Thread- 8/0 Uni fire orange, Montana fly co florescent orange
Glo-bug yarn- Egg color

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  1. Good stuff Johnny. You could see a little bit of that orange thread showing through. Keep them coming.