Monday, November 26, 2012

The biot rock worm video

 Here is the video for the biot rock worm I tie and use. It is a rather simple tie, and quick, so don't be fooled by the time of video. I used this pattern this past black Friday and it is the fly that the large male brown trout took. It is a pattern I use often on freestone streams that have a lot of caddis.
   When tying these. You should tie ones with a black or dark brown biot on top also. The rock will color up when it gets close to time for metamorphosis. In the winter I use all green and the spring and summer, I use ones with the dark front upper.
   I like to fish these flies, dragging on the bottom. Sure I lose them, but I have found its the best way to fish a rock worm pattern.  Well enjoy the video and tight ties! p.s. The light shade green sharpie is key, so dont forget to pick one up.

Hook- Daiichi 1270 #12-14
Thread- Montana fly co, 8/0 Light brown
Tail- Tan colored marabou
Under body- Dubbing, Your choice
Rear body- Turkey biot, dyed caddis green
Rib- Green ice thread
Legs- Dark partridge 
Front body- Chartreuse dubbing
Front shell- Turkey biot dyed caddis green


  1. That's a nice version for that pattern. I missed the Fly Tying show. I was up in Northern Pa that weekend fishing. I actually caught most of my fish on the green rock worm. I enjoy the videos maybe we can meet up over the winter.

    1. Brian,
      Ty and good to hear from you! We will definitely have to meet up some time for some flying.