Thursday, November 29, 2012

Take my line, go fishing for a Thursday

Well got out today for some flying. I met up with Fredy on one of my favorite
freestoner. We nymphed a good section of stream and managed a few. Fishing was tough do to the low water but we still managed.
I parted was with "of Spain" and headed up stream. I stopped at a great run and got myself a real nice wild brown on the high test hares ear. I then moved further up and hit a another great Run. I nymphed it a bit and then I heard it. That familiar sound. I though maybe something fell from the tree. But then I saw it! I trout rising!!!
I didn't have any "dry flies" on me but I did have a box with wet flies. I quickly combed through the box to find one tied on a light wire hook. I fish softies and wets in the film often for risers, you be surprised how well they work. I tied on my rusty blues and sent it a drift. The fly was quickly sucked down by a little wild brown and I was grinning from ear to ear.
I was a bit worried that I wouldn't get my trout on the dry for november. But I did! So only next month to go and 2012 goes in the books with trout caught on the dry every month.
There were two others rising, so I swapped the now wet blues for a snipe and purple. This fly fooled the other two. The hatch was fall baetis and it was short lived. I worked my back to my vehicle fishing the snipe and purple I managed a little fingerling to close the day. Always nice to see these guys. So with "more than 4" I headed on home.

Little brownie to end my day.

A fly pattern thats well over a 100 years old and still deadly, well it would be, but i catch and release.

Great fight, This beauty took the high test hairs ear.

My November trout for the dry fly.

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