Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tabou caddis Fly tying video

The tabou caddis was developed by Steve Schweitzer, and is a really deadly caddis emerger pattern. The original calls for stretch magic for the ribbing but I tie mine with midge diamond braid. I think it makes it a wee more effective as it adds flash to the fly. 

Fish this fly on the bottom and allow it to swing up. Try and target the likely area of the trout for the swing. Leisenring lifts with this pattern are deadly.  Just put a the right amount of shot above the fly and get ready for the slam!

 Hook- Daiichi 1275 #12-16
Thread-Uni light olive 8/0
Body- chick-a-bou dyed light/pale yellow
Rib- Yellow Midge diamond braid
Hackle- Remaining top portion from chick-a-bou
Wing- Pale yellow saddle tip from Brahma hen
Head- marabou dubbin from the base of Brahma hen feather(pale yellow)


  1. "Cat Puke" LOL. Definitely looks better wet. Nice Tie Bro!

    1. Lol yeah, the fly really does look like crap dry, but wet and on the swing, the trout hammer them. Ty