Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Session, wild mountain browns!

  PhotobucketWell, got out today for some flying with Fredy. The morning was chilly but it warmed up as the day went on and turned out to be quite nice out.  We headed north into the mountains to hit a fabled freestone stream in the hopes of finding glory.  We started at a really kick ass run, it was just beautiful.  It was fast flowing so lots of shot was needed even with tungsten beads heads.  But chucking and ducking paid off as we were both into browns rather quickly. 

  We bounced around to a couple of locations through out the day. The last location we moved to was just an abosultely beautiful piece of river. In no time at all Fredy had a brute on the end of his line and I was making by way up to him for pics.  I then crossed over the stream to fish the other side. This way i was on the right side to fish the run coming into the pool. I was starting to think the run and pool were barren, when my drift stopped dead in tracks. I lifted the rod and thought, "damn, Im hung up" Then i gave a little tug up stream. Then my reel began to sing as the trout raced up stream to the head of the run. I put the breaks on him and he came flying back down into the pool. I yelled to Fredy who was up above, "YO! I GOT A MONSTER!!" and I waved my reel hand, motioning him to come down.  The fish faught like hell and with several line peeling runs before I was able to get him into Fredys net.
   The top flies for the day where a prince nymph, diamond scuds, high test hares ear, and a biot green rock worm.  All in all it was a great day out on the water nymphing away all day.  With more than 40" we headed back to the truck and headed on home.

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  1. A great day of fishing indeed! Cant wait to head back up there again.

  2. Well done gents....your right the morn was chilly.