Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Royal Utah

  I know the name sounds boastful, but it is just my name for my version of the royal coachman dry fly. It is as simple as any coachman, I just use other materials than the norm.  I also tie it odd ball style, but with poly wings. Split poly wings have become a favorite of mine for dun style dries.  I just dont think you can beat the visibility, float, lightness, and durability.  Well anyways, enjoy the video.  Flying ant video is next.

Materials list. aka recipe
Hook- Daiichi 1180 #12-18
Thread- Black uni 8/0
Tail- Brown hackle barbs
Butt- Peacock hurl
mid section- Red holographic tinel
Rib- x-small silver wire
Wings- Poly yarn split
Thorax- peacock hurl (under hackle)
Hackle- Brown saddle hackle, wound over the peacock

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