Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The marauder and its trout booty

  Well I started late this afternoon at my local spring creek. I hit one spot and got two browns with the marauder and decided to go hit my local tail water.  I decided to continue wet wading as I was doing on my local spring creek. The spring creek was running a touch warmer than usual do to last night rain. It was at 62 degrees and a little cloudy. The tail water was much colder since I was fishing pretty close to the dam it is unaffected by rain. Man oh man was that was chilly. I couldnt hack it on my bare skin for to long. It was at 50 degrees and with the water that cold it made for some fog on this warm day.
   The tail water is beautiful small stream gem. It flows through woods and then farm fields before dumping into a tribe of the big D.  It holds brook trout or char to be correct. They can be tough at time to catch, believe it or not. They are very spooky and have plenty places in this stream to hide.

 I fished a two fly team on a very short line. I used a royal coachman wet fly, and the marauder. I only got one char on the royal and all the rest took the marauder. Or should that be the other way around?  I fished up a stretch and decided to call it quits when my stomach was growling and my feet started getting numb. So with "more than four" I head back to the car.

This photo isnt out of focus, That is the fog.

Fresh wild raspberries and wild native brookies, just some of my favorite things


  1. 50 degree water is pretty dam cold for the bare skin, nice brookies for sure though

  2. JU,
    Great report. Love that stream.
    Those brookies are a prize few of us really know.