Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Jungle spider tutorial

 Here is a wetfly that I put together after watching Davie Mcphail do his spider pattern.  It is simply a variation of Davie's creation.  The pattern is an easy and simple tie, but just take it slow with the wings. The Davie spider consists of starling and you can see my version the Jungle spider consists of jungle cock.  

The tutorial can be vied by clicking the see the rest link to the right

Hook- Daiichi alec Jackson soft hackle hook
Thread- Danville flymaster orange
Rib- Small gold tinsel
Wing- Jungle cock
Hackle- Jungle Cock
Lets twist one up!

Start the thread and run it back to the point, touching turns.

Tie in the tinsel and wrap the thread forward, touching turns tying in the tinsel the entire length of the body. This is important for keeping a nice smooth body.  Be sure leave a hook eye or two of room behind the hook eye for the wing and hackle

Select two jungle cock nails and stroke the fibers back to measure the wing to be about the length of the entire hook.  Dont strip the fibers off!

From the fibers you have stroked back select a section for your hackle. This the hackle for the fly.

Now you can stripe away the unwanted hackle fibers, leave some fluff at the base for handle to aid in winding the hackle on.  At this point if you didnt already place the feathers so the good side are facing away from another you should now.

Now tie the wing on at the point you stroked the fibers away at. Get the feathers as close as the shank as possible and pinch and loop them on, take 5-6 wraps once your satisfied with the wing.  You want the top edges of the two feathers to rest against one another.  Once your anchored, pull the hackle back and wrap in front two turns

Wind the hackle one turn in front of the other, keep stroking the fibers back as you wind to get them to lay back. Tie off the hackle and fold the stems back and tie them off. You can then brake the stems away. Whip finish.

Give the head a coat or two of varnish and you got yourself a jungle spider.

Here is a jungle spider done on a daiichi 1560, a longer profile allows for the white spot on the jungle cock to be seen more. This little spider tied in this manner could pass for a streamer.

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