Friday, August 31, 2012

The Jassid fly, Tutorial

  I really like this pattern. It has proven itself to me time and time again.  Vince sure put together a winner here. Although I only tie it his way when i go really small. Otherwise I like it and feel it is more effective with a peacock body. I also hackle them with hen hackle, from whiting bronze necks.  This help it sit lower in the film. I tie the heads larger than normal as well. I feel this is important for the beetle profile.
   It is a great beetle imitation that as far as i see it, has no rival. Don't fuss with a non-split nail. The fish don't care one bit about that, and to me it looks a lot more beetle like when it split apart. Kinda like a beetle drowned with its shell open and wings out.   Spent terrestrials put up a struggle to free themselves from there water grave, so it is important to carry imitations that represent this. 
     Lets twist one up.

Hook- Daiichi 1180 18- to as small as you can tie them. I like down to 24. 
Thread- Uni 8/0 black
Body- Peacock herl
Hackle- Black Hen neck
Shell- Jungle cock nail

Start the thread near the eye and run it back to barb area.

Tie in a hackle by the butt with one turn. Have the underside of the feather facing you.

Tie in a xsmall piece of wire with one turn. Leave a tag that is at least half the body length. This will ensure that it is anchored to the shank.

Tie in 1 peacock hurl.  Take the hurl from an eye. You want one that is in the eye itself. These have nice short fuzz on them and you can also get some of the eye colors for the body.   Tie it in by the tip and run the thread up, to one hook eye behind the hook.

Wind the hurl up, when you tie off do not approach the eye.

Palmer the hackle forward. Dont go crazy with the hackle. Sparse is best.  Tie off the hackle and then wind the wire up through.  When you tie off the wire advance the thread forward towards the eye as you tie it down.  Go about half the distance and then break the wire off, and bring the thread back up to the top.

Trim all the hackle off the top.

Select a J.C. nail  You want one that will allow the yellow area to extend back and the tie in point is right where the white meets the black.  This will make it easier to get it to lay flat.

Lay the nail down on top and press it down with thumb as you bring the thread over twice. Keeping your thumb pressed, tighten the wraps up by pulling the thread straight down.  Take your thumb off and see how it is sitting.

Tightly wrap the thread down over the butt towards the eye. Fold the stem back after you reach the eye and wind back over it.

Folding the stem back and winding the thread back over it, locks the J.C. in place. This makes for a very durable nail.  You can wrap it back half way on the head and snip the excess.

Whip finish and give the head a coat of varnish to fortify the J.C. tie in and to protect that thread. This baby is gonna catch a lot trout.

The under profile aka fishes view. Looks damn buggy to me!  Be sure to twist these guys up. It is an American classic. Thank you and god speed Vince Marinaro.


  1. Nice tutorial of an interesting variant of the Jassid, One of my favorite flies - The Jassid.
    Have fun fly fishing and fly tying,

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Keep on tying and flying Jassid!

      Johnny Utah

  2. Buggy you bet, and they work well.