Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saterday morning session

A low pa limestoner early in the am.
  Got out yesterday morning with the one of Spain.  We hit a pa limestoner, and worked our way down through a stretch, swinging wet flies.  The trics were hatching pretty well but hardly any fish cared about them. There were also caddis hatching and it sure seemed like the fish were more interested in them.  The large browns were in hiding on this morning, with the water low and gin.  So of spain and I had a good time with the dinks.   I fished a double Saucan Secret rig and of spain fished a bwo soft hackle and a Marauder.    We swung'em, hung'em, and lifted'em.  All methods were effective with some skying strikes.  We fished till around 10 when the tric were down spent.  With "more than four" we headed on back home.

I didnt take any fish pics but this one. This little wild brown was practically golden.

This male trico  fell on my arm as i was watching Fredy of Spain work a run.

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  1. What a great picture & report. Hope to make my way on that stream soon. Would enjoy some company as my journey of fishing solo the past few months has taking a toll on TheMadMan.