Wednesday, August 29, 2012

H.T.P. Trout Bane tutorial

 As I have said and shown in the past with the trout banes, it is a tying technique, and that means many patterns can be spawned from it.  Here is one of my favorites and best producers. I call it the H.T.P. Trout bane, which is short for high test peacock.  Yup peacock and high test, how could it not be a trout favorite or a bane.
  I like this one tied on a Daiichi 1140 for small sizes and I also tie a 16 with a 1150. I dont have a real reason other than i like the way it looks and well the trout do as well.   I also hit the top with a very light coat of bug bond light. This keeps the peacock from blowing out and when applied lightly doesnt really take away much from the peacock.

  I like to fish this one with a twitch and short stripe. It works on the dead drift as well.

  So lets twist one up. If your on my home page you will need to click see the rest to view the tutorial.

Hook- Daiichi 1140-1150 16-24
Thread- Uni 8/0 Light Cahill
Tail- Peacock hurl
Abdomen- Tying thread with peacock tied in on top. 
Rib- Tying thread
Wing case- Peacock hurl
Thorax- U.V. High Test

Start the thread near the eye. Run it back touching turns.   Stop the thread just after the barb

Tie 3-6 peacock hurls, Have the tips extend out about half the hook shank. Tie them in with 2 turns.

Now lift up the hurl and take two touching turns forward on the shank. Then lay the hurl down and take two wraps over it. Continue this until you reach the 3/4 point  on the shank

Dub the thorax, take one wrap back over the hurls.  Be sure you leave enough room to tie off.

Bring the hurls over the top to form the wing case. Tie them down tight with anchor wraps.  Snip off the butts.

Whip yourself a head and snipe the thread.   Now you can rough up your dubbin.  BE CAREFUL OF THE HURL.  I use a medium tooth brush cut down into a taper for ruffing. It is gentle enough it wont wreck anything. 

You can leave the thorax fibers long but i like to snipe them a little short of the length of the gap.

Now you can add a very sparse amount of u.v. light bug bond. The thin formula will soak past the hurl fibers to were it counts.  Hit it with the light and your H.T.P.  Trout bane is complete.

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