Saturday, July 28, 2012

Utah's Marauder wet fly, tutorail

Let's twist on up!  Click rest for the tutorial and recipe.

Hook- Daiichi 1560 #12
Thread- Brown pearsall or uni 8/0 camel
Tag- Mirage tinsel
Tail- Silver badger hackle fibers
Rib- Silver oval tinsel fine, Lagartun is the best.
Rear Body- Natural dun colored marabou from the bottom of hackle
Body hackle- Badger cock hackle
Front body- Peacock hurl
Collar hackle- Dark speckled hen
Wing- sharp tail secondary wing fibers. (optional)
Eyes- Jungle Cock

Start the thread, and run it back to the barb

Tie in the mirage tinsel and go around the bend, and bring the thread back the barb

Wind the tinsel up touching turns,  and catch with the thread, trim the excess

Take 8-12 hackle fibers and tie them in on top with one turn.

Tie in the oval tinsel with one turn in front of the last

Here is the body material. Pinch the butt end like shown, and pinch off short pieces of the bou

It should look like this. You dont want the fiber that holds these fibers to the stem.

Dub the body up 2/3s

Tie in the silver badger hackle

Wind it back with two complete touching turns at the start then palmer it back to the rear. Once at the rear, catch the hackle with the oval tinsel and rib the fly. 

Tidy up.

Tie in 2-3 peacock herls.

Wind the herl forward, leave a hook eye distant for hackle and J.C.

Tie in the dark speckled hen by the tip. You want the hackle fibers to extend back to the hook bend.

Wind the hackle. Dont go crazy, saddle hackle is heavy. 1-2 turns is plenty.

Tie in the jungle cock on each side.  Dont worry if your nails are broken, the fish will break them sooner rather than later. 

Tidy up and form a head. Whip finish.   When i use silk thread like i did here, I wax it through out the the tying process and especially for the whip finish.  I do not like to  varnish silk. The wax does a good job of protecting the thread and making a really tight whip.

You now have a Utah Marauder,  Go out and see what booty it takes!

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  1. The marauder served me well on many outing last year, cant wait to get to get it back in front of the trout.