Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trying out my tenkara fly- Kujaku Kumo

Not the best pic, quick cell phone pic.

Well got out for two casts, haha. I had a couple minutes to kill, literally,  will waiting for my daughter to finish cheering practice. So I hit a spot on my local spring creek. So I tied on my Kujaku Kumo to give it a whirl. I figured it would work quickly. I mean what fish can say no peacock!  My second cast and a little chubby brown came flying up for it as i twitched it about a foot below the film.   A quick fight on my 2wt, a pic, and away he went and so did I.


Hook- daiichi 1110 

Thread- Brown silk

Tag- Silver holographic tinsel

Body- 1 peacock hurl

Rib- x-small silver wire

Hackle- Molted hen saddle( hackle is from a hen set from collins, its from a greenwell's glory set)


  1. From your last few posts I see you have found a new addiction.
    Those flies work well.