Monday, July 23, 2012

Tenkara premiere tying video! The Gin Seisho

  Here is my silver star aka Gin Seisho.  I put this pattern together some time ago but never fished it much other on occasions on one of my wet fly rigs. It was the only fly I fished the other day and well, as I said in my fishing report, it was all i needed. The fly is rather effective and in the spirit of tenkara it is simple to tie.   I really like this style of tying. It makes for some really effective wet flies. The hackle being the way it is, gives the fly a ton of movement, that just drives the fish bonkers.

  I fish this fly from top to bottom and have caught trout in all areas of the water column. I had good success with it in the film too.  Just a touch of dilly wax and she floats fine in the film.   Enjoy the video and be sure report back with how the fly did for you on your waters.

Gin Seisho


Hook- Daiichi 1110 ( great price at Jw trout on this model)

Thread- Pearsall"s gossamer silk- black

Body- tying thread

Mid tag- Mirage tinsel, small

Hackle- Brahama hen saddle natural

Dub- Fluff from bottom of feather.


  1. awesome lookin little spider.
    ...great way to ll surely fix anyones issue of tying too close to the eye of the hook.....i ll be tying afew myself...

    1. Thank you, they work rather also. Let me know how you get on with them.