Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tenkara flies, The Bonten Risu and The Bonten Orenji

Bonten Risu, boast a sparsely dubbed body of fox squirrel dubbing, sparse enough that the thread bleeds through. A real nice buggy fly to drive the trout nuts. 

Thread- Pearsall 6a

Body- fox squirrel dubbin

Hackle- Pale yellow Brahma hen.

So what i did here in creating the Bonten Orenji, was to base it off the English spider pattern the partridge and orange.  Added a dubbed head, and changed the partridge for pale yellow Brahma. The silk and waxing it are the only similarities to the partridge and orange north country spider.   Here is the recipe.

Thread- Pearsall 6a waxed

Head- Fox squirrel dub

Hackle- Pale Yellow Brahma Hen saddle

Be sure to give me feedback on how these flies work for you, and have fun tying them.


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