Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A one feather fly

  Here is my latest video. It is a one feather fly that i tie up and use often for small mouth, well when i go under.  It is a very simple, easy, and fast to tie, and best part of all the fish approve. I mean what fish can say no to marabou. The feather i use for the fly is a "bird fur" feather.  These feathers are put out by whiting farms for the spey community.  They are excellent feathers for making some great action flies. My sponsor Casters fly shop carries it and with free shipping you cant go wrong. 
  I fish the fly dead drift with twitches, and fish it just like any other streamer.  The fly will hold well if you rib it, but not against the real toothy critter crowd. The action of the fly in the water is great. The fly pulsates and when pulling the fibers consolidate and form a nice slim profile that certainly gets some attention.   Twist them up in what colors you can get. I like black, brown, grizzly, heron grey, chartreuse, olive, and white.  The best part about the fly, is the more sloppy it is the better. So dont worry about trying to make this one pretty.


  1. Like that fly , I've seen very similar flies used as damsel fly nymph and hex emergers in Maine for brookies in ponds . Just adding a barbell eye will give it a nice jigging/emerging action . I'm gonna have to tie some up.

    1. Oh sure you like this one.... Just joking, Thanks Jay. I usually fish it with a shot right above the fly for some jigging action, guess i should have mentioned that in the write up, but i like the barbell suggestion.