Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foxy Starling wet fly with tutorial

  I call this fly the Foxy Starling.  I put this baby to the test and the wild brown trout approve.  It is a hair wing wet fly. The wing consists of fox squirrel tail fibers. The hackle is bleached starling. Bleach starling has a wonderful copper iridescent to it.     I have had luck with the fly on the dead drift and also dancing near the surface.  That sexy hook is a Alec Jackson Soft hackle hook. I really like the hooks. They hook and hold fish great, and like all daichii hooks they are incredibly sharp.

Hook- AJ soft hackle hook #11
Thread- Rusty brown MFC 8/0
Tail- Wood duck flank 
Body- Wood duck flank wrapped
Rib- MFC midge body thread- #740 rust
Hackle- Bleached Starling
Wing- Fox squirrel tail
 Lets twist one up, click read more

Start the thread near the eye and wind back the point or so.

Tie in about 6-8 wood duck flank fibers. Take one turn on top, one under to lift the fibers and then one in front of those two.  Dont cut the butts!

Tie in the rib and bring the thread to about two hook eyes from the eye, tying in the rib as you go.

Wind the wood duck the opposite way you wind the thread. 

Now twist the mfc midge body thread to tighten it. Then rib the body.  4-5 ribs are good.

From near the base of the fox squirrel tail, cut yourself some dubbin, this stuff is great.

Dub yourself a thorax. I like to dub back over the body a little. Be sure to leave plenty of room for the hackle and hair wing.

Tie in the starling by the tip. For a fly this size one of the back feathers will work nicely. Strip off the fluff and excess hackle.

Wind the hackle two- three turns.

Cut yourself a small clump of fox squirrel tail.  Take out the really short, and then roll the fibers between your finger and thumb. This will mix the red fibers with the rest.  Pinch it tight and close to the hook shank as possible and pinch and loop it on. Take several tight wraps on the hair, all the while holding it tight.  Trim the butts on an angle and tidy up.

Whip finish and varnish the head. You know have a Foxy Starling.


  1. Sweet lookin' fly!

    1. Thanks G. Works pretty well also.

  2. Johnny, Nice looking Fly; I can see the fish pouncing on that one! Judy.

    1. Thank you Judy. All the flies I share here in the corner are effect and some are extremely effective, like this one. :)