Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tying Johnny's quick bugger video

 Seeing how i am tying all these buggers for the cold water conservation school in June(see post cold water conservations school needs) I figured to help out anyone who like to tie some for the kids by making a video on how i do my quick bugger. Its a very simple bugger that takes hardly any time to tie at all, once you get the hackling technique down.   A rotary vise is necessary for the technique.

  The beauty of the quick bugger is that it only requires 2 feathers and thread.  The bou secures the hackle so the fish dont break it, and the flies are so quick and simple that who cares if  you lose them.  If you wish to add flash to fly by all means just add that step in, no doubt the flash can make all the difference some days.  Ok well  I am rambling like I do in my videos, haha.  Enjoy the video.   Thanks for stopping by the fly corner.
Hook- Your favorite bugger hook(mustad 79580)
Thread- Black mono cord
Weight- fine lead wire
Tail- Black Marabou
Body- Black Marabou, butt end of feather from tail
Hackle- Grizzly dyed olive rooster neck hackle. (the whiting bugger packs are great)


  1. Your right on.
    Good looking bugger.

    1. Thank you, I hope the kids pound some fish with them.