Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring session 8, Brief but great.

  Got out early this afternoon with Fredy after we did some planting and stream restoration. I will be doing a post on that soon. So Fredy and I hit my local spring creek for some quick dry fly action. It didn't take long before Fredy had one take his bwo dun.  I was using the Dark Star and got my first brown it and then on my next brown I lost it to him. The curse of the dark star continues. I an never keep one of those flies on my tippet, but they sure do work well, so i will continue to tie and use them.  Then we both swapped out for rusty spinners and we both got into fish with them.  Time ran out and I need to head on home so the session was over. It was good time on the water. Didn't see many bugs about, just the occasional caddis and the always present midges.

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  1. As many times as I have viewed those wild browns you fool, the one thing that really stands out are those beautiful adipose fins.