Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring session 7. Rusty Spinner and soft hackles

Got out for some flying on my favorite freestone stream. The fishing started off slow but picked up when Bwo spinners began to fall I tied on a double wing niche rusty spinner (video will be out soon). I fished the late morning and right into the afternoon the Bwo spinners just kept falling.

I began seeing the occasional sulphur pop off and a fish flash here and there. So I tied on a team of soft hackle again. I tied the biot sulphur soft hackle on as lead and the sulphur emerger soft hackle as point with two size 6 split shots to get me down in the deeper swifter runs. I dead drifted the flies above me and past. The I would throw a belly of line down and stream and allow the flies to swing from the bottom to the top.
It was early in the sulphur emergence so the majority of the fish took the flies on the deep swing. I worked my way down stream fishing down and across as the hatch got heavier the trout began to take near the surface and less down low. So to get the ones near the surface I simply took the shot off the line. I have used this technique for sulphur hatches for quite time and it hasn't let me down yet. Give it a go when you notice the things I describe before and get ready for some hard hitting takes! Fishing was hot right up till dark. With light rapidly fading and "more than four" I headed on back to the car. It's sure is great in being a swinger. ;)

This fellow sipped the double wing rusty spinner right in.

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