Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Session 6, bwos, sulphers, and cahills

   I got out on the mighty musky here in New Jersey for some flying in the evening. Oh man was there a hatch. There was tiny bwo's sizing around a 18-20 and there big brothers sizing in about #16 in a deep olive.  The fish were in tuned with the blanket that these guys formed on the water. A little bwo dun fly did the trick.  Then the fish switched to the larger bwo, so a nicheo was tied on and back into fish.  The occasional sulphur started to hatch and the rise forms became more tell tale of the taking of emergers.  I tied on a team of the emerger sulphur and the biot sulphur softy and began swinging.  The hits just came one after the other. The fishing was hot to say the least and to my surprise the occasional cahill would drift by me.  The swallows were swooping the cahills that stirred in the eddies of the stream banks. There were several baby mallard ducks having a field day eating the bugs. It was a prolific hatch for sure. 

 With so many mayflies hatching dont be without spinners on your next outing. Bwo spinners fall late morning with many species and the sulphurs will fall in late evening. So if your seeing rises and dont see whats doing, give a spinner a try.

My only wild brown of the evening


  1. Great pics, Johnny!

  2. That's awesome the Sulphurs have started already, here in Ohio the Cahills show first then the Sulphurs. Its bitter sweet for me though as the Sulphurs mark the begining of the end of our trout season. The bloody tubers take over the river. But no sweat, cause that just means its time to blue line in Pennsy.

    1. Sulphurs are hatching heavy at the moment and the trout are ravenous. I fish pa a lot, its a great line to cross!

    2. Also Bill, My favorite is when a tuber or boater drift past and say "you catching anything"?, I just smile and nope.