Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring session 11, high water, stoneflies and wild trout

Well got out today in the late afternoon after the rain stopped. I went and met up with Josh to hit our favorite freestone stream. The creek was ripping so we opted to fish the headwater area. The was stained but not mud, so it made for some good nymphing. We didn't fish to long before the rain decided to comeback.
There were a good number of Bwos hatching but no rising. There was also quite a few stoneflies around. One I didn't mange to get a pic of had a very bright chartreuse body. I did however get some pics of other stoneflies I spotted. Also hatching were a few black caddis and when we were wrapping up the sulphurs began to emerge. We both spotted our first march brown of the season. Sorry no pics of him. With "more than four" and the rain returning we walked on back to the car.
The nymphs we used were the flash back stone, the rubber legged high test stone, and a sulphur nymph.


  1. Nice sized Brookie. I can't believe the size of that black stone.

  2. Lots of high water in places. Delicate mayfly, but those big meat stones.
    Nice brookie indeed.