Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Double wing Rusty spinner video

  Here is my latest video. The double wing rusty spinner. Its a version of Ellis's triple wing spinner. The fly is extremely durable and floats great. Plus the trout, especially spring creek and limestone, really like the fly.  The fly is a quick tie, so dont let the video time scare you, I just rattled on a bit about things.   I use dun colored wings and tails on almost all my spinners. I agree with what is written in selective trout, something along the lines of the dun being preferred by trout.  Have you ever seen a real spinner with white wings????  Spinner wings are clear but the dun color surely isnt. However on the water flush against the film, it does look the part as compared to a white wing.  Just something to think about.......... Anyway, Enjoy the video.

Hook- Daiichi 1170 or 1180 sizes 16-22
Thread- Montana fly co Rusty Brown
Rib- Uni 8/0 Rusty brown, also try camel, olive dun and dark brown
Tail- Dun hackle fibers
Wing- Dun Niche siliconized poly yarn.