Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tying Johnny's quick bugger video

 Seeing how i am tying all these buggers for the cold water conservation school in June(see post cold water conservations school needs) I figured to help out anyone who like to tie some for the kids by making a video on how i do my quick bugger. Its a very simple bugger that takes hardly any time to tie at all, once you get the hackling technique down.   A rotary vise is necessary for the technique.

  The beauty of the quick bugger is that it only requires 2 feathers and thread.  The bou secures the hackle so the fish dont break it, and the flies are so quick and simple that who cares if  you lose them.  If you wish to add flash to fly by all means just add that step in, no doubt the flash can make all the difference some days.  Ok well  I am rambling like I do in my videos, haha.  Enjoy the video.   Thanks for stopping by the fly corner.
Hook- Your favorite bugger hook(mustad 79580)
Thread- Black mono cord
Weight- fine lead wire
Tail- Black Marabou
Body- Black Marabou, butt end of feather from tail
Hackle- Grizzly dyed olive rooster neck hackle. (the whiting bugger packs are great)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring session 18, dry flying a spring creek

Well I got out of work early today do to the rain. I got back in town and it wasn't raining, so I decided to hit a stretch of my local spring creek. I still had the g-gnat on the line from last time out so I drifted with it. Didn't take anytime before I had my first wild brown on. It's never gets old to me just how beautiful the browns are in there. I fished with the g-gnat till it came apart. The fly caught dozens of fish before the wire rib broke. I then switched to spent stone(wonder wing) and the trout still take that fly eagerly It sure is a great fly. I fished until the wind picked up and black ominous clouds rolled in. With a flash and a crack of thunder I headed back to the car swiftly.

A little big clean up.

In my last report I mentioned the large banner which I had seen in my local spring creek. Well we got it out! Thank you Fredy and Roy for helping getting that massive banner out.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another March brown wet fly

Hook- Daiichi 1560 #12
Thread- uni 8/0 orange
Tag- Gold Holographic
Tail- Bronze Mallard
Rib- Oval gold tinsel
Body- Fox squirrel dub. Cut up very fine
Hackle- Dark Partridge
Wing- Pheasant wing slips.

With the dubbin cut up fine the orange thread bleeds through wonderfully. Just dub it very lightly. The tag is just to add some flash. Sometimes that can make all the difference.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring session 12, Five maples and the wonder wing stone

Well got out late afternoon to my local river for some flying. I headed on down to the five maples on the musky and upon my arrival I spotted several fish rising. :). I watched as they were sipping away. I tied on a rusty spinner and didn't even get a look. So I stopped and watched the eddy. I saw two spent stoneflies a drift in the film. So I tied on the spent stone aka wonder wing stone. Hatch matched. I ponded the stocked trout till there were no more rising. There wasn't a looker amongst the bunch so no pics.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring session 11, high water, stoneflies and wild trout

Well got out today in the late afternoon after the rain stopped. I went and met up with Josh to hit our favorite freestone stream. The creek was ripping so we opted to fish the headwater area. The was stained but not mud, so it made for some good nymphing. We didn't fish to long before the rain decided to comeback.
There were a good number of Bwos hatching but no rising. There was also quite a few stoneflies around. One I didn't mange to get a pic of had a very bright chartreuse body. I did however get some pics of other stoneflies I spotted. Also hatching were a few black caddis and when we were wrapping up the sulphurs began to emerge. We both spotted our first march brown of the season. Sorry no pics of him. With "more than four" and the rain returning we walked on back to the car.
The nymphs we used were the flash back stone, the rubber legged high test stone, and a sulphur nymph.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring session 10, evening sulpurs

Well done with moms day stuff in time for the evening hatch. Upon my arrival the trout were already rising and they were taking duns. So I tied on one of my sulphur duns and I was into fish quickly. I stuck with the dun until the dark crept in and I could no longer see the fly.
At this point the stream was erupting with sulphurs and trout going nuts. I had just enough light left to switch to to the sulphur wets. Got my swing going and I was back into trout. But it got to dark for me so I reeled in and fired up the flash app. With "more than four" I headed on home. I didn't take many pics due to how hot the hatch was.

Spring session 9 swinging sulpurs

Well got out yesterday before dark for about an hour or so. I met up with Josh and Mike. We hit a stretch of my favorite freestone stream for the sulphurs. I swung the sulphur team and picked up a great battle with a nice wild brown. Then I switched over for sulphur dun and missed a few. It was a brief but good session.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Double wing Rusty spinner video

  Here is my latest video. The double wing rusty spinner. Its a version of Ellis's triple wing spinner. The fly is extremely durable and floats great. Plus the trout, especially spring creek and limestone, really like the fly.  The fly is a quick tie, so dont let the video time scare you, I just rattled on a bit about things.   I use dun colored wings and tails on almost all my spinners. I agree with what is written in selective trout, something along the lines of the dun being preferred by trout.  Have you ever seen a real spinner with white wings????  Spinner wings are clear but the dun color surely isnt. However on the water flush against the film, it does look the part as compared to a white wing.  Just something to think about.......... Anyway, Enjoy the video.

Hook- Daiichi 1170 or 1180 sizes 16-22
Thread- Montana fly co Rusty Brown
Rib- Uni 8/0 Rusty brown, also try camel, olive dun and dark brown
Tail- Dun hackle fibers
Wing- Dun Niche siliconized poly yarn.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Willever Lake Planting

 Well yesterday I was able to attend my T.U. chapter's planting of the Old lake bed of the former willever lake. The dam was removed last year and the plantings are to help the stream bank stabilize and well, to bring the lake bed back to what it used to be before the dam.  We had a great turn out, and we were helped from the NY city chapter of T.U., check them out Thank You guys and it was a pleasure to meet you.
  Some how I ended up doing stream bed restoration instead of planting but hey, whatever helps. There were several nymphs and caddis larvae on the rocks we moved. Sorry no pics of them, as I was working.  Its a shame we dont have those rocks like they do in death valley.   But with all the willow slips planted and stream area revitalized and flowing "correctly" we wrapped and had lunch.  Thank you to all who attend and contributed. Hope to see everyone again next time.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring session 8, Brief but great.

  Got out early this afternoon with Fredy after we did some planting and stream restoration. I will be doing a post on that soon. So Fredy and I hit my local spring creek for some quick dry fly action. It didn't take long before Fredy had one take his bwo dun.  I was using the Dark Star and got my first brown it and then on my next brown I lost it to him. The curse of the dark star continues. I an never keep one of those flies on my tippet, but they sure do work well, so i will continue to tie and use them.  Then we both swapped out for rusty spinners and we both got into fish with them.  Time ran out and I need to head on home so the session was over. It was good time on the water. Didn't see many bugs about, just the occasional caddis and the always present midges.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring session 7. Rusty Spinner and soft hackles

Got out for some flying on my favorite freestone stream. The fishing started off slow but picked up when Bwo spinners began to fall I tied on a double wing niche rusty spinner (video will be out soon). I fished the late morning and right into the afternoon the Bwo spinners just kept falling.

I began seeing the occasional sulphur pop off and a fish flash here and there. So I tied on a team of soft hackle again. I tied the biot sulphur soft hackle on as lead and the sulphur emerger soft hackle as point with two size 6 split shots to get me down in the deeper swifter runs. I dead drifted the flies above me and past. The I would throw a belly of line down and stream and allow the flies to swing from the bottom to the top.
It was early in the sulphur emergence so the majority of the fish took the flies on the deep swing. I worked my way down stream fishing down and across as the hatch got heavier the trout began to take near the surface and less down low. So to get the ones near the surface I simply took the shot off the line. I have used this technique for sulphur hatches for quite time and it hasn't let me down yet. Give it a go when you notice the things I describe before and get ready for some hard hitting takes! Fishing was hot right up till dark. With light rapidly fading and "more than four" I headed on back to the car. It's sure is great in being a swinger. ;)

Spring Session 6, bwos, sulphers, and cahills

   I got out on the mighty musky here in New Jersey for some flying in the evening. Oh man was there a hatch. There was tiny bwo's sizing around a 18-20 and there big brothers sizing in about #16 in a deep olive.  The fish were in tuned with the blanket that these guys formed on the water. A little bwo dun fly did the trick.  Then the fish switched to the larger bwo, so a nicheo was tied on and back into fish.  The occasional sulphur started to hatch and the rise forms became more tell tale of the taking of emergers.  I tied on a team of the emerger sulphur and the biot sulphur softy and began swinging.  The hits just came one after the other. The fishing was hot to say the least and to my surprise the occasional cahill would drift by me.  The swallows were swooping the cahills that stirred in the eddies of the stream banks. There were several baby mallard ducks having a field day eating the bugs. It was a prolific hatch for sure. 

 With so many mayflies hatching dont be without spinners on your next outing. Bwo spinners fall late morning with many species and the sulphurs will fall in late evening. So if your seeing rises and dont see whats doing, give a spinner a try.

My only wild brown of the evening