Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Session 5, The Dark star shines.

  Well got out today for some flying once Josh and I finished the fly lesson. I went and hit my local spring creek in hopes of some rising trout.  It was a blue bird day with some wind and with low gin clear water. Needless to say the fishing was tough. I certainly spooked more than i caught today, but that's just how it goes on the local spring creek on days like these.  I started off with the Hendrickson Nicheo, drifting at some occasional risers I notice while making my way to the water.  The trout didn't want anything to do with it.  So I watched for a moment or two. I notice some caddis here and there and the occasional bwo, but the bwos went untouched down the run.  I figured I would give the Dark Star a shot. First cast and fish on.  A quick photo and then a release, and I was back to drifting the Dark Star. I managed another before I lost my second Dark Star and realized I was running late for dinner!

The Dark Star Dun

Lessons in the fly corner

Well Josh was out to the fly corner this morning for and I taught him how to tie the U.V. Diamond scud, the High Test Hares Ear and .......... The Golden Oldie!!!!!!!  Well hell he has been fishing the fly since i devised, so its only right he should know how to tie one!  Great Job Josh.

Dark Star tutorial (step by step)

The Dark Star Dun
Hook- Daiichi 1180 or 1110 #12-20
Thread- Tan 8/0
Wings- Black hen hackle tips
Tail- Sandy dun hackle fibers
Abdomen- Stripped peacock quill
Rib- Small Opal tinsel
Thorax- Dyed black peacock hurl
Hackle- Sandy dun.

Start the thread and wrap half way down the shank.

Then wrap the thread half way back up. This will give your wing placement.

Select 2 hen neck hackle tips, pair them up and line up the tips. Measure your wings to be the same length as the hook shank.

Pinch and loop the wings to the top of the shank. Take a couple additional turns to secure, wrapping back touching turns as you secure. Then snip the waste.

Wrap back over the butts touching turns to just before the barb.  Dont worry about standing the wings up yet. They will just get in the way.

Take 6-8 hackle fibers and tie them in for the tail. Take one turn on and one under then one to secure.

Tie in a stripped quill by the skin on the butt end with one turn.

Tie in the small opal tinsel, and advance the thread to about a hook eyes back from the wings.

Wrap the quill forward touching turns.

Now rib the body with the opal tinsel,  3-4 turns is enough. Blurry??? yeah sorry about that.  Now before you stand your wings, put a light coat of varnish/head cement on the body. Be sure to get a bit on the under side of the hook bend to anchor the varnish. This helps make it much more durable.

Now stand the wings up by pulling them up with your finger and thumb and putting wraps right in front of the wing base.

Select a hackle and tie the butt end in in-between the wings. This help keep them split.

Tie in a dyed black peacock hurl by the tip and bring the thread in front of the wings.

Wrap the peacock hurl forward, touching turns and just take one turn in front of the wing.

Now wrap the hackle, take two full turns behind the wing and 1-1 1/2 in front of the wing. 

Whip Finish and your head and the Dark Star is complete.   For flatter water cut a V into the bottom of the hackle. 

The Dark Star Tying video

Here it is, The Dark Star Tying video,  Enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dark Star dun

  I have posted about this fly in some of my fishing reports and never put a photo up.  This fly has worked extremely well for me.  I have used it all over the place, from limestone to freestone, it just works. 
  In high glare situations this fly shines as the black wings are easy to see in this situation. I will confess that there are some times when the black wings are next to impossible to see, but the lighter colored hackle(sandy dun) makes the fly visible at those times. 
  The video is currently uploading and will be on youtube late tonight. I will have it on here in the morning.

Hook- Daiichi 1180 or 1110 #12-20
Thread- Tan 8/0
Wings- Black hen hackle tips
Tail- Sandy dun hackle fibers
Abdomen- Stripped peacock quill
Rib- Small Opal tinsel
Thorax- Dyed black peacock hurl
Hackle- Sandy dun.

Remember......Its wild brown trout approved!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hendrickson Nicheo Video

Here is my latest video. It is of how I tie my Hendrickson Nicheo. I used it this month the few times I got and it worked very well. Enjoy

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Underwater video of Black caddis in there cases (lifeproof iphone case)

I shot this video with my Iphone in its lifeproof case. What a great case for every fisherman to have!  I shot it last Friday during spring session 4.  You can see the cases all stacked together on the backside of the larger stones in my favorite freestoner.   The hatch should be going this week and next by my guess. Some where hatching last Friday as i did manage a shot of one.   Its not a great video by any means but its pretty cool that i can dunk my phone without having to buy a new one!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring session 4, Caddis and wild browns

  Well everyone this post was suppose to have gone up last Friday, but i have been very busy lately with work.  None the less i still have this session fresh in my mind. I got out late morning to my favorite freestone stream and upon my arrival I saw the trout rising.  I had tied on the Hendrickson Nicheo dun to the end of my line. I made my first cast and was awarded with a healthy hard fighting wild brown.  I got a couple more from the first run I hit. Then I moved up stream, casting at the occasional rise and likely areas. I managed a few more on the way the up.  I came up to spot that has always given up a large wild brown. I watched patiently in hopes to see a rise. Then, there was a large nose that came up in the film.  I got into position, and sent a drift.  It was just a tad to the left, so i sent a second.  The trout took the Nicheo without hesitation and man did my reel sing when i lifted the rod. The fight lasted for several minutes, as there wast much of current in the area to ad in tiring the trout. The trout dogged down in a deep cut and then, POP, went the hook.  Bummer. 

     I regrouped and moved up a bit, I watched a nice seem with the ever so popular white bubble flowing down. I saw a rise, then another, but this one had a big nose, just like the previous trout.  The story repeats, in that my first cast was just to the right, and the second resulted in the reel screaming. I hook this trout in about 8" of water at the very head of the run. He took off running down to the deep cut that the other one dogged me in. I applied the brakes and was able to get him turned around.  My position this time had currents to my favor. I was able to tire the trout out so i could make the landing rather quickly.

  After releasing the brown, I figured I was good. Only fished for a little over an hour but it was a blast.  There where quite a few different bugs hatching and laying eggs. Caddis, gordons, bwo, hendricksons and even the Jersey skeeters(crane fly) were out in good numbers.   So with "more than four" I headed on back to the car.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring session 3, some birthday trout.

  Well on Thursday it was my birthday, and I got out for some flying for wild browns as usual.  The bugs were hatching and first I hit my local spring creek for some action.  The trout were rising all over the place to bwos, caddis and midges.  I know that the stream has a few hedrickson in it so i figured the fish would be on the look out for them. I tied on the Hedrickson nicheo dun and rather quickly i was into my first wild brown of the morning. I got several more before Josh call to meet up for a session, so off to Pa i went to hit my favorite freestoner. Here the caddis were coming off heavy and egg laying as well. However the trout were defiantly more interested in the mayflies coming off sporadically. The hendrickson nicheo did the trick.  We both did well and before i knew it, it was time for me to head out.  All in all it was a great B-day fishing session.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring session 2, wild trout on the dark star.

Well got out yesterday for some flying. I hit my favorite freestone stream. In the morning I nymphed using a couple different nymphs. The peeking caddis worked well along with the high test hares ear, but the u.v. Diamond scud caught the most.
As the morning turned to afternoon the bugs began to hatch and egg lay. Lots of tan caddis were egg laying while Bwos and quill Gordons hatched. There was mothers day caddis hatching also. Along with an incredible amount of midges. I used the dark star dun all afternoon and the trout took it without hesitation. I will do a dark star video very soon. With more than 4 I headed on back.