Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter session 46 one last time.

Well got out today for some flying on my local spring creek before the water closes. The trout were on the rise to midges, spent stones, and the occasional olive. I started out with a dry fly pattern I designed called the dark star.
It worked wonderfully until I lost it to a trout. The alternate version worked ok but the fly being a dun and the fish sipping midges they weren't interested in it on the flat I moved into.
So I switched to a #18 spent stone with a dun wonder wing. It worked very well producing several trout. Unfortunately most of the wild browns I caught were not photogenic. Haha but I never complain with quick releases.
As I finished up I had a run in with snagged again and his friend. Nice talking with you guys.


  1. what happened you didn't unpack from the other night?