Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter session 44, a spinner fall

Well I went back to work today and thanks to day light saving time, I had some sun left when I got home. I went to my local spring creek and the fish were rising away. There was millions of midges in the air and in the film. I started out using the spent stone from last time out and I missed a couple of takes with it. I then swapped for a still born midge and got my first one to hand. That brown was the only one interested in the fly so after a couple more drift, I changed flies. I noticed a baetis spinner go by as I looked at the film. So I changed out for a double wing rusty spinner. Hatched matched. I was into fish consistently. The only problem was the sun was down and the twilight was fading fast. I missed my last two and it was dark. So with "more than four" I headed back to the car.

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  1. You fish some very fertile streams.