Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter session 42, nymphs, dries and the wind

  Well, got out today for some flying. I met up Josh on one of our favorite little limestoners in hopes to get into some serious dry fly action on this beautiful day.  We started out nymphing and got into trout rather quickly. Then we saw a rise and the nymphs wet to bed.  We fished a good stretch of stream casting at the occasional rising trout. Then we went back to nymphing as the wind was gusting and the fish shut off on top.  Before the day was done and we took the long walk back to the car, we did get some more dry fly action. It was a beautiful day and fish all fought hard.   The productive nymph of the day was a lighting bug done up in pink. And for dry flies, it was the griffith gnat and the ez caddis. 

Stonefly shucks

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  1. Ah, the Lightning Bug. I have been messing with that pattern lately and I would be interested to see your take on it.
    Best regards,