Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter session 41, Stone and midges

 Well, got out yesterday for some flying. We decided to hit a stretch of stream we had been eying up for a while.  I started of nymping, and it wasn't long before I got into a wild brown.   I nymphed until the air warmed up and the stones and midges came out in hordes. The fish started to rise, some sipping midges and others exploding on egg laying stones.   Josh did very well with his tie of the Griffith gnat and I did well with a ez caddis cripple.  The fly is a great imitation of a egg laying stone.   With "more than four" we hiked on back to car. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful streams and brook trout. Lovely to see when looking at the snow and ice outside. The trout season will come?
    Have fun,