Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winter session 40, Dries on a spring

  Well got out yesterday for some flying on my local spring creek. Josh came on down with his flies he tied to give them a try. The trout were rising upon our arrival to midges and egg laying stones.  The griffiths gnats Josh tied up did very well and produced several wild browns.  We fish up the creek at rising trout until we both  had enough. Cold and hungry we walked on back to the car.  It was a fun day and congratulation to Josh with his first trout on his own ties!
Josh's first trout on his own ties!!!!


  1. Lovely brown trout! Cool and beautiful photos. Must be fun for Josh to get fish on flies he had tied on his own. Now I don't think you'll be able to stop him from tying more flies.

    Have fun playing with lovely brown trout,
    Mats Olsson, Sweden

  2. Looks like the bite was on!

    Congrats Josh!

  3. JU,
    All of the photos are wonderful, but that photo of the upside brown is a favorite. To me it shows just how handsome a trout the brown is.