Monday, March 5, 2012

Lesson in the corner

   Today was a different day the usual in that Josh came to the fly corner for a fly tying session. He has never tied before and it was my honor to give him a tying lesson.  I was very impressed with how well he picked up on the task at hand.  I had him tie first a rock worm, then a fancier rock worm with a rib. Then a ultra fancy rock worm with rib and soft hackle.  We then moved onto Griffiths gnats, and finished up with his request of parachutes. I had him tie a pheasant tail parachute.  Great job Josh!!!!!!!!!
Josh's First fly ever
Second fly
3rd fly
4th fly.
5th fly

7th fly


  1. Nice job!! Good looking flies.

  2. wow... those are the best first flies ive ever seen... your a fine instructor-

  3. Sign me up !!! Nice flies Josh.

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  5. First Flies!!!!

    Damn! WAY TO GO JOSH!

  6. Josh is off to a great start. They look way better than my first attempts at fly tying.

  7. That 3rd and 4th flies put a smile on my face.
    Nice work

  8. Wow, Those dries look VERY VERY good! I would have thought those were from a veteran fly tier!

  9. Lovely flies! Give my regards to Josh!

    Have fun teaching fly tying,
    Mats Olsson, Sweden